The Great K-Cup Dispute

Ted Williams of Charlotte Agenda and I are feuding. Help us settle this debate. Take the poll below and then sound off in the comments. Be respectful please 🙂

Is it ok to leave the K-Cup in the Keurig after you get your coffee?

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  1. Nik says:

    He said “there” instead of “their.” That’s an automatic loss. I think that is what actually makes him a bad person. I don’t own or use a Keurig, and actually don’t really like coffee. I guess that makes me a bad person. Oops.

  2. Suzie says:

    It seems quite unsanitary to leave it in there. Coffee grinds grow mold after a couple days…I wouldn’t want to drink mold particles : /
    But I don’t own a Keurig.

  3. Koko the Chaotic Drone says:

    An object at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. The law of entropy states that disorder of a system increases over time. In this case, you cannot argue the state of the Keurig one way or another, as the cycle can repeat through infinity, making the sum of the probabilities of an outside force being applied to a populated Keurig 50%, despite the disorder of a given Keurig system increasing over time.
    The only correct answer is yes, it’s OK. For one to argue that it’s not OK would mean, logically, that there is a means to have the K-cup removed immediately upon the completion of the brewing process (with a zero time difference between completion and removal). Since this is not possible, we can agree that SOME time passes between the completion of a cup of coffee and the subsequent removal of the K-cup, in every instance.
    So the argument basically becomes how long is too long? Unfortunately that is arbitrary, as tolerance to K-Cup offenses varies from person to person.
    But if it makes you feel better, coffee is for the weak!

  4. Leigh Covington says:

    the options are worded poorly, so I won’t vote. I will express my opinion, group machine, he should clean up after himself, or pay for a cleaner to come in on the quarter hour and clean up after him, or con someone into cleaning up after him for free, one way or another he should take care of it. However, not doing so does not make him a bad person. It makes him uninformed, possibly forgetful, and untrained, possibly overwhelmed, possibly creative and marching to the beat of a very different drummer. It does not necessarily make him inconsiderate, nor does it necessarily decide he is self-centered, selfish or passive aggressive.

  5. iheartmanipedi says:

    I remember when Steph called me that day and said “Hey Ash, let’s try a bunch of tasty coffeeeeeeee!!”
    And we were like “OMIGOD WEEEEEE!!!”

  6. Michael says:

    Danielle and I went through three Keurigs in the last year.
    We barely drink coffee since we started meditation.
    So invigorating!

  7. Litzie says:

    A k-cup leave behind is an office-foul. Finish the cycle, throw it out, leave it ready for the next caffeine deprived person.

  8. Michelle says:

    Sometimes I forget I left the K-Cup in there. Are you so lazy, special, and coddled that you’re upset you have to walk three steps to discard a small object?


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